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Game Rules

  • Weapons must be touching the start bunker prior to beep to start
  • Weapon hits count
  • Ricochets don’t count – Players must visually be able to confirm a ricochet
  • Weapon must always be held during gameplay
  • Dead men don’t talk
  • A dead player is highlighted when a referee places one hand on their head and the other point towards the player
  • The head referee has the ultimate decision on the field.
  • Questions or challenges to a decision made by referees should be taken to the head referee and not discussed with the referee making the call

Weapons/ BBS and Kit

  • Weight limit on bb’s is 0.25
  • Chrono checks can be carried out at any point during the day
  • FPS Limit of 328 on 0.2bb and 293 on .25 bb

Magazine Capacity

  • 1x High cap (Half full)
  • 3x M4 Midcap
  • 5 x ARP Midcap
  • 5x Standard Pistol Mag


  • Semi Automatic only
  • Magazines should ne be placed into any RIF until the players have entered the field of play area
  • Players should not leave the field until a referee has cleared their RIF
  • No ramping , Burst, Binary or any advantageous programming of FCU
  • No double triggers, Binary triggers
  • No grenade launchers
  • No pyrotechnics
  • No riot shiels, No Melee weapons
  • Full face protection is recommended but not required (Under 18s are mandatory full-face mask)