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Game Modes

We have a wide range of game modes available on each activity
Bank Heist
The aim of the game is to grab the dosh and leg it back to base. You will either be a defender protecting the safe or an attacker attempting to breach and heist the bank.
Hostage Takedown
It’s every governments worst nightmare, a hostage situation. One team must attempt to hold the hostages whilst the other swoops in and attempts to extract them. Upon the hostages being freed the hostage takers attempt to shoot down their run-away hostages.
Capture the Flag
Teams fight to steal opposition team’s flags and return them to their base. The team having captured the most flags wins.
Teams attack one another fighting to take specific zones, upon a zone takeover a new zone is identified and the battle rages on. The team having taken the most zones wins.
Several computers are in the arena. A USB is placed in one of the computers at the start of each round. Teams must fight their way to the USB and win the round by keeping the USB in their possession for a set time.
Protect the VIP
One member on each team is marked as a VIP. The aim of the game is to eliminate the enemy VIP.
Watch your Back
Each Player is given a number, the number is displayed on their back. At the start of each round every player is given another players number. Players disperse and after 30 seconds the horn sounds and players must hunt down the player with the number they were assigned. Upon elimination of an opponent they claim their deceased targets number and carry on.
Search and Destroy
One team must attempt to plant a bomb in the oppositions bomb site, the other team must defend the bomb sites and if the bomb is planted defuse it before a set time limit expires
A nuke is set to blow and the clock is ticking fast. On team must defend the red buzzer which defuses the bomb, the other team must move in and smack the red buzzer down before the mill becomes the next Hiroshima.
Team Deathmatch
Two teams tasked with eliminating the other team. No mercy , no complications , its shoot or be shot.
Free For All
No teams , just utter chaos. Can you be the last soldier standing?
One Team is smaller than the other but this smaller team’s players can only be eliminated by being hit in the facemask. Victory is achieved when the opposition is eliminated.
Common Foe
Several smaller teams are pitted against one another allowing unsteady alliances to form for the greater good , however there can be only one victor team.
Down but not out
Players must freeze when hit , friendly players can unfreeze one another by laying a hand on the shoulder and counting to 10. The first team to freeze all opponents simultaneously wins.
When hit you join the enemy team. The game ends when all players are on the same team.
King Of The Hill
Several smaller teams fight to hold a set position. The first team to reach a set time target of holding the position
Stag Hunt
Its one man against the world! A sad soul fends off all other players, the only advantage to him is a 30 second head start.
Majority of the Members of one team are spread out in various rooms “frozen”.  The unfrozen players must unfreeze their captured comrades and hence gather strength to defeat their enemies whom are holding their comrades
Tag Team
All players are split up into pairs , however only have one gun between them. Good luck
High Treason
Teams battle it out however on each team two players have been instructed to switch teams at the random sound of the buzzer. Watch your backs.
Tag, your it
One player is on and must shoot other players to pass on the “tag”. At the end of 20 second intervals the horn sounds and whoever is tagged is eliminated. The previous player to be tagged is once again on.
Lower the Flag!
Two teams must defend their flags , upon the collapse of their flag a team loses the round.