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Nerf Wars

All out kid friendly warfare


Nerf is the up and coming thing in the United Kingdom for 6-14 year olds.

At the Mill we are proud of our 3550 square foot purpose built indoor Nerf zone. In this zone we have kid orientated marshals that look after the players and run a series of games such as “Capture the flag” ,”Defuse the bomb” and many more.

We have a selection of Nerf guns for use at the Mill but players are allowed to bring their own Nerf guns if they feel like it.

Nerf Warriors can come as individuals or in a group, either way we break up all our players at different times throughout our Nerf War sessions into different teams to allow for dynamic games and social skills building situations.

Safety is our number one priority at The Mill and we will ensure all participants are provided with the necessary gear for protection and are well briefed in our pre-game safety talks.

All players must also abide by the site rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves equally and go home happy and without any injuries.


1 Hour: £ 12.00 per person

Nerf kids can bring their own guns or use a selection of our guns available.